Home & Business Automation


Home automation allows you to forego manual controls and run many of your favorite features on autopilot, remotely (such as from your office or when you’re away on vacation), or even from the comfort of your favorite easy chair.

Home automation lets you turn up the music and dim the lighting for your guests in the living room, even while you’re standing in the kitchen. Home automation gives you hands-free control of your home, by pre-setting lighting, heating, air conditioning, security, home entertainment and more to your preferences.

When integrated into your existing security system, we enable you to use your computer, smartphone or tablet to remotely control your alarm, lighting, locks, thermostat, even raise or lower your garage door and more! You can even receive real-time alerts to your phone regarding specific events: who came home, what lights went on…you name it.

This system also offers numerous energy benefits, including a reduced electricity impact and lower utility bills. With an affordable monthly monitoring service that also manages your alarm, Envision can show you everything home automation has to offer.

Automation is not just for the home, Envision business customers benefit from automation by integrating features.