Envision Security believes every family should have the peace of mind and sense of security that comes with owning a monitored alarm system. Our goal is to offer affordable and flexable security system monitoring that will meet todays diverse communications technology.

P.O.T.S. (Plain Ole Telephone Service)
Our standard packages include a comminucator which uses your landline (POTS) to communicate with our facilty. The alarm system communicator is programmed to call the monitoring facility and send coded signals through the landline anytime it is triggered.
If programmed, your alarm system communicator will listen for dial tone and announce (using beeps from the keypad) when a phone line has been cut.
"Line seizure" - if someone is using the telephone when the alarm system is triggered, the communicator is designed to acquire "line seizure" disconnecting your call and hold priority over the phone line until communications are complete.
High Speed Internet
Finally its here! For all you folks out there who are constantly on the go and have little use for a phone servece you can't take with you, we have just the thing for you. Envision is proud to be on the cutting edge of technology with security products capable of communicating with our monitoring facility with NO PHONE LINES NEEDED!
With the addition of the broadband communcations, your alarm system will communicate through your high speed internet connection when an alarm event of trigger occurs. The broadband communicator is capable of notifying the monitorying facility of an alarm event much faster than with a land line connection.
The broadband communicator is an add-on piece to the standard alarm system package and requires the presence of a high speed internet connection and an available port on the router to plug into.
2 Way voice Communications
Envision Security ofers several products which allow for communication verween the monitoring facility and the security system premesis. Whatever you or a loved on eneeds medical attention (see also PERS) or an intruder reaks into your home, our trained professionals will know what todo to protect oyur loved ones and property.
Our system works by using your land line to communicate with out monitoring facility when an alarm event occurs. Once the signal is received, a trained professional will communicate with you directly by talking through the two way module to verify the problem and respond accordingly.
Cellular Back Up
For those who require an additional layer of security, Envision Security can install and service a cellular backup unit. This form of communication is used as a backup if the phone line or broadband line is down.
    *This feature requires a monthly cellular service fee in addition to the parts upgrade.

"Since the first day Envision Security installed our cameras, the work productivity has increased by 20%. We have also noticed our coffee and office supply bills are significantly lower. "

Gary H.
Acadiana Medical Lab

"During the 1st week of having our new camera system we were able to apprehend two would-be thieves thanks to the quality and ease of operation."

Russel Jackson
Lafayette Shooters

"It is nice to know my house is safe when I go to town and when i go to bed at night. "

Lierra Meche
Church Point


Grahams Law:
You will only need it if you dont already have it.

During these vacation months, it is important for us to remember these few tips to keep our home safe while away:

1. keep lights on (by timers if possible.)
2. Have a neighbor pick up mail and papers or temp. stop service.
3. Set your alarm

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